Emotional Freedom Methods & Answers From Acupunture

EFT was made by Stanford Engineer Gary Craig, who discovered the fundamental theory in 1991 and continues even today to build up and improve on EFT applications.

The theory of EFT is straightforward, yet..

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a therapeutic tool predicated on the theory which our physical signs and feelings are associated with the main energy system of the human body. That power system may be the acupuncture meridian system known to the Chinese for thousands of years.

EFT was made by Stanford Engineer Gary Craig, who found the fundamental theory in 1991 and continues even today to develop and improve on EFT applications.

The theory of EFT is straightforward, yet sheds a whole new light on our emotional experiences and how exactly we understand them. If you are interested in protection, you will likely need to check up about www.gary-strong-seo.com.

Gary Craig’s EFT discovery statement asserts that: “The reason for all negative emotions is a interruption in your body’s energy system.” He believes that “our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to the majority of physical problems and diseases.”

How Can EFT Work?

Chinese Medicine and the old Indian Science of Ayurveda both support the idea our psychological experiences, in particular problems, hurts and anger, contribute notably to the development of disease in the body.

While the EFT idea that negative feelings are the result of a disturbance in the power system of your body may appear odd at first, the concept is far from new. In fact, it’s 5,000 years old and was recently enforced by Albert Einstein who taught that everything is made of power.

The cause EFT works so well is simply because it embraces the techniques of Eastern healing traditions which have been overlooked by the west.

Acupuncture is finally attracting attention, and research has been conducted to use and work out how and why it works. Yet that study will often seek to place acupuncture in sense that is made by a box to what shapes in the West. The remarkable results of acupuncture have been named a effect, when, in reality, they are as a result of an understanding of meridian power circuitry which runs through the duration of all living creatures.

EFT & Acupuncture

In acupuncture, points are carefully selected by professionals trained to read the maps of the meridian system. EFT is founded on a select few of these potent factors known to excel in providing physical and psychological aid to anyone who just finds just how to utilize them and where they are. EFT does not require expert knowledge, or the usage of needles, the factors are only stimulated by tapping to them with the fingertips.

We need only look to the fact that in China a huge selection of people each and every day undergo heart surgery using nothing but acupuncture for anaesthesia, to realize that such a thing in line with the strong recovery foundation that acupuncture provides is worth exploring further.

EFT was developed by gary Craig as an incredibly easy to use access indicate the advantages of acupuncture and the therapeutic potential hidden within us all to cope with our physical and psychological pain. EFTs background for minimizing negative emotions, traumatization and anxiety has earned it the descriptive title of acupuncture for the emotions, but minus the needles.

The EFT Concern

There’s a classic saying that people should judge a tree by it is fruits. The fruits of EFT can be easily and quickly viewed by studying the fundamentals and environment EFT to work on dissolving any negative feeling. EFT takes only five minutes to learn, and then you can certainly use it to the test of your direct experience.

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