How do you move from the mentality to a

Do you want to get out of it?

A rut and a groove are generally furrows. But a ditch is boring, uninteresting and may be depressing. Whereas being in the rhythm is energising and great fun. And being in the groove is just a obtaining the best out of yourself.

Where have you been right now?

In a Rut or perhaps a Groove?

A trench is due to having your foot firmly on the gas. Youre pushing it down for several you’re worth but youre not going anywhere. Simply no where!!

You’re, most likely, covering all the people standing behind you with trash, grass, earth and waste etc, but youre not going.

In fact youre getting deeper and deeper in trouble until eventually you’re up to the axle and perhaps not going anywhere. Therefore caught that you’ll require a spade, a shell, a tow truck, something to have you going again.

How did you obtain there?

Doing the same thing 7 days a week. After the same routine over and over again. Following those wonderful phrases in your head;

It was adequate for. It’ll be adequate for me

It worked for. It will work with me.

You always did it this way..

When you have a go at us we are maybe not knocking convention. Tradition features a area however not at the trouble of enthusiasm and pleasure.

Inside our guide, if it makes you sad, bored and gloomy why are you doing it?

How will you escape it?


Change your habits.

Its your habits that got you into the mentality and its your habits that are certain to get you out.


You’ve to simply accept that you are in a rut.

You have to acknowledge that you’ve been taking the easy option for a long time.

You’ve to accept that at a certain time you made a mistake.

You’ve to simply accept that money and time aren’t likely to get you using this mess.

You’ve to improve.

You must initiate the action. No-one else. Only YOU. No one can get you out of a trench just you.


Sit down for a minute. Think.

Whats the actual issue?

Whats behind your going deeper and deeper right into a trench?

Whats driving a car here?

What are you attempting to avoid?

It is rushed by dont. Stick to it.

Do anything you have to do to bottom it and find the way forward.


Gradually jot down just how out. Dont simply take the initial response. Make effort to write down 30 some ideas of the way out. Gradually you’ll become more and more innovative. Then one thought will stay. A full orchestra will be come equipped with fairy lights, spot light and if you are really lucky by it.

Thats the way forward.

So you have a way forward that feels comfortable. Now you are stepping into the rhythm. You’re feeling pleased, energised, concentrated. You’re in the stream. The enthusiasm is aroused. Everything is in synch. Whatever you do works.

You are off.

Carry on try.

You owe it to yourself.

All The Best

Graham and Julie

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