How to disinfect the bird cage

Before placing the bird in to its lodging you should make a move else

Never the less that the chicken cage is new, and the perches are ecologically clear, they must be cleaned carefully.. This operation carbonation is called by me, because as a gas for burning is used, and gas for cigarette lighters can be used however it can be quite expensive..

How to proceed :

Clean both the wooden and the bird cage sticks with hot water and soap.

Keep them dry well specially the branches since they soak with water and drench.

Prepare the gas and a cloth with the gas to be put by which over the perches and the bird cage. It is required to place gloves ( surgery or family for washing plates ), usually you hands will smell bad.

Slightly moist the material, although not to drop fuel from it, and carefully wipe the bird cage everywhere and the perches.. Now the bird cage and the perches are definitely prepared to be accomplished and to put the bird inside..

The disinfection is very helpful for the chicken because when it measures on the carbonated perches, part of the gas gets soaked in to its feet and proper hunting themselves it goes on its feathers.

It’s great at least a few times to clean the perches with gas and to alter them. Why I told you at first to offer yourselves with wooden sticks. that’s.

To completely clean the bird cage with gas is harder, when you are likely to have an extra lodging for the bird, where to put it briefly.. Nothing stops you from cleaning the bird cage occasionally with a cloth damped with gas without washing it with soap..

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