Lemonade Diet Recipe – Useful Diet Or Quick Fix?

The lemonade diet recipe is said to have originated in the 1970s when a book authored by Stanley Burroughs suggested that fasting and drinking citric juice might be used as a means to get rid of toxins from the body. It was never designed to be utilized as a diet therefore, merely a short-term cleaning of-the body. Unfortuitously in accordance with other fad diets it has developed a passionate following who suggest it can be safely applied to a regular basis and included in a continuing diet regime.

The lemonade diet, in accordance with other related citric juice diets, consists of surviving for a set number of times on various combinations of fruit juice or syrup or pepper, and numerous other variations on the same topic. The common denominator in these diets is the idea that drinking citric juice, specifically lemons or grapefruit, will melt or burn up the excess fat from the body. The reality of this really is perhaps dubious, but certainly you will have some weight loss as a of eating (o-r drinking) one single point over a continuous period to the detriment of all other nutrients and food groups. Particularly this diet encourages fasting that will truly make weight-loss, but at what cost?

All weight loss isn’t necessarily healthy weight loss. Oftentimes diets including the lemonade diet menu only will cause the human body to store the fat and use the muscles as food if this plan is sustained for any length of time. There is a place for such detoxification workouts, but only as a short term solution to get rid of a limited number of fat, for at most a couple of days. It certainly should never be suffered or used within a long lasting diet or weight loss plan, particularly it should never be undertaken by those at risk of illness or health conditions, such as the aged, children or pregnant women.

It would be much better to consult your doctor and discuss how to lose weight in a healthy manner, your doctor will probably demand the key to losing weight is not extreme fasting diets like the lemonade diet recipe, or the Cayenne Pepper And Water Diet, or any other of the many fad diets, but a healthy balanced approach combined with plenty of exercise.

Regrettably many individuals are just too pleased to believe that immediate fat loss is possible utilising the newest diet fads, and with no ill-effects. The way to lose weight has not changed but, and requires exercise coupled with careful get a grip on over the number you eat up and the food you eat.

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