Modern Spirituality – Inspirational Stories ( Part 9 )

So it’s with responsibility. The notion of responsibility varies much among different countries. In a single country, if a guy does not do certain things, people will say he’s acted wrongly; while if he does these very things in another country, people will say that he did not act rightly — and yet we all know that there must be some universal idea of work. Within the same way, one class of society thinks that particular things are among its job, while still another class thinks just the opposite and would be terrified if it had to accomplish these things.

Two ways are left available to us — the way of the ignorant, who think that there’s just one way to truth and that all the rest are incorrect, and the way of the wise, who admit that, according to our mental constitution or even the different planes of existence by which we are,duty and morality can vary. The biggest thing is to learn that there are gradations of duty and of morality — that the duty of one state of life,in one set of circumstances, will not and can not be that of another.

To illustrate: All great teachers have taught, “Resist perhaps not evil,” that low – weight may be the highest ethical ideal. We all know that, if a certain amount of us attemptedto put that maxim fully into practice, the entire social fabric would drop to pieces, the evil would do whatever they like with us, and would just take possession of our lives and our properties. It would result in disaster, even if only 1 time of such low – resistance were practised. Yet, intuitively, in our heart of hearts we have the truth of the training “Resist not evil.” This seems to us to be the greatest ideal; yet to show this doctrine only could be comparable to condemning a huge portion of mankind.

Not only so, it’d be making men feel that these were always doing wrong, and cause in them scruples of conscience in all their actions; it’d weaken them, and that continuous self – disapproval would reproduce more vice than another weakness would. To the man who has started to hate himself the gate to degeneration has already opened; and exactly the same is true of a country.

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