Musical instruments for your kids

Music may be the fact of life and I think that no body is unmarked with this beautiful present given to humanity. Also young ones also love to play music and appreciate it if they get a chance to do so. For this, you need numerous expensive musical instruments but imagine if you make your own music instruments at your home with little efforts? It is a great and affordable idea to produce xylophones, Gongs, hummers and triangles for children to play.

1. To make a Gong you’ll need an old cake tin or a cover of a metal popcorn tin, a table knife or spoon for a, a nail and, a chain. You’ve to pound two nail holes on the edge of the pie tin or on the side of the popcorn lid two or three inches apart. Thread the line through the holes and tie a knot. The line should be about one to two feet long enough so that you can easily keep it without touching the pot or tin. Hit the pot using the spoon or knife and you have a loud noise. To soften the sound, you must wrap the knife or spoon using a bit of cloth and then use a son or daughter socks to cover the knife or spoon.

2. To create a Xylophone you require glass pop containers of same size and then design work best for a xylophone and for this purpose, water glasses will also work. Fill the glasses with different level of water when one bottle should be almost filled to the most effective and another one with very little water. Another bottles must vary somewhere between both. As you like you may use as much or less containers. A knife o-r spoon could wok well as being a mallet. Hit the side of the bottle o-r glass gently as every one will make a different sound. You can even try out different levels of water-to determine which note pitch you’d like most. If you have a keyboard or other musical instrument that can make various pitches then you can tune your bottles or cups towards the instrument.

3. Making a hummer is also quite simple where you must have an cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tube, a band and a wax paper. Cut-a round piece of wax paper that is bigger than the ends of the tube. Protect one end with the wax paper and hold in position with the rubber band and make sounds in to the opposite end of the pipe.

4. You can also make a triangle with all the aid of the horseshoe or 4 to 8 inches of a knife or spoon and steel pipe, line. Loop the string at the curve of the horse shoe or thread it through the pipe. Tie a at the top and hit the horse shoe or tube with the blade as soon as it dangles from the sting. Make certain that the chain is strong enough to carry the tube.

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