Sihanoukville, Cambodia – Mother Nature Playing Nightly

Sihanoukville is just a sleepy beach area in Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand. In December, the beach is a great spot to watch Mother Nature do her thing in spectacular fashion.


Named after a King, Sihanoukville isnt easy-to reach, however it is worth the inconvenience. Learn further on seo company orange county by browsing our elegant link. If youre originating from Thailand, the best choice is to cross the border at Koh Kong and grab a boat to Sihanoukville. The boat takes roughly four hours, but beats dealing with streets, which are pure hell. If youre via any location within Cambodia, try to arrive at the main road between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville since it is the only road without potholes, missing connections, etc.

Sihanoukville bends up and around a place of land on the Gulf of Thailand. The community could best be referred to as being such as for instance a beach resort in Thailand sans the tourist masses. Areas on the beach can be five to 10 dollars a, which isnt much to view a magnificent light show.

Mother nature includes a practice of burning off excess energy in the Gulf of Thailand every December. This specific metaphysical yoga comes in the shape of lightning. A lot of it.

Beginning around seven in the evening, the sky becomes a cascade of rolling thunder and bolts of blazing light. The whole show takes place maybe twenty miles o-r so off-shore, so you will get all the effect with no risk.

The best place to watch Mother Nature do her thing is Ochheuteal Beach. The beach is long and thin, but lined with little restaurants. The tables for these restaurants contain small footstools sitting between to beach seats next to the water. The food is good and you wont find a much better seat in-the home for the light show. For extra information, we recommend you gaze at: details. Identify extra info on our related URL – Click here: go. My aunt discovered costa mesa seo online by searching books in the library.

The light show is extremely captivating. The whole sky can light up in a single blast to then be followed by a trail of lightning strikes moving across the sky. The restaurants have a of playing music, to boost the impact. As the show progresses, one starts to get the feeling the lightning is occurring in synchronicity with the music.

Hi, perhaps Our Mother Earth wants Pink Floyd!.

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