The Latent – book review

Marshall Frank, author of six books, has proved a fantastic capability to write absorbing who-dun-its time and time again. In accordance with his web site he’s in a position to do that by embellishing on actual life experiences all through his 30-year career investigating homicides in the Miami-Dade area of Florida. In doing this he makes a realistic, action-packed, suspenseful detective story along with his new release, The Latent a fiction novel, that I found hard to place down.

The Latent focuses on one main personality – the entirely burned out, heart-broken police examiner, Rock Burgamy. Haunted by a youth knowledge and the increasing loss of his young daughter, Rock battles a tendency to lessen his stress and sadness with alcohol. And they are not his only secrets. Twice divorced, Rock is slammed often with daughter or son and alimony help obligations for his two other young ones. So that you can maintain it all, Rock must simply take just as much overtime that you can. However, with all of this happening at the same time, he delves further and further to the container. But he’s a good man, a persistent man who’ll not let an incident go unsolved without giving it his all even when it means his life or restricting love.

A chain of gay men murders seem to have an association and over-worked Burgamy is given the situation. As the research increases and poor Burgamy walks in to many situations that established him up for a fall so large that he can’t move out alone plots thicken.

Amazing and interesting insight to the undercover street-sex establishments is only among the many angles in this book. Problems within the police team from budget difficulties and individual temptations to office politics is still another. I am comfortable that The Latent will need readers inside this dangerous and dark world so easily that the rest ends away unseen.

ISBN#: 1-4137-9890-x

Author: Marshall Joe

Publisher: Submit America

Published: 2006

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