Try Out The Get Thin Fast Diet

I just joined a gym yesterday in the hopes of shedding some unnecessary pounds of fat. My goal is to lose 5 lbs in the three weeks, but I want the fat to come off not what little muscle I have. I especially want that layer of fat around my tummy to decrease. It has been giving me a lot of trouble fitting into my favorite items of clothing. So I had to make do with loose and baggy clothes instead. It’s a good thing that the clothes I purchased a long time ago were on the larger side.

But in order to lose weight, I am not limiting myself to gym workouts only. My food intake will be regulated accordingly. I intend to start getting on a low carb diet. I don’t mean to completely remove carbs from my diet, I will simply eat less of them. To help me in this endeavor, I will start my day off eating low carb cereal. I am hopeful that the combination of exercising and healthy eating will help me to achieve my weight loss goals.

Let me enlighten you about this diet I have chosen to go on. Then I’ll tell you about what I plan to do at the gym. Low carb diets have obviously been around for a while now. You basically eat no sugar, no breads and cookies and cakes, and no starchy vegetables like potatoes and carrots. I think my main difficulty with this diet will be the desserts, because I simply love cakes, brownies, cookies, and ice cream. I guess that’s how those extra pounds piled on in the first place. However, there are some high protein treats that I can try. Hopefully those will help me to get through the diet without breaking down!

I will also have to watch my calorie count whenever I eat something, I’ve heard about other dieters eating foods that are way too greasy who then wonder why the weight just wouldn’t come off. A lot of people argue that calories have nothing to do with weight, but many others, including the Atkins plan, clearly state that calorie intake could be kept down by regulating their consumption of cheese, nuts and other foods that are high in calories.

Lowering carbs and calories seem to make sense when my goal is to lose weight. If I combine effective low carb diets with equally successful low calorie diets, I just might get the results I want in no time at all!

Working out (exercising) is also an essential part of the diet plan. They say that, for weight loss, lifting weights would be more effective than cardio exercises. It is because they can directly increase one’s rate of metabolism. Having stronger muscles will also serve you well when you become older. It’s the opposite for cardio exercises because they have the tendency to make you hungry and thus, you will eat a lot afterwards, breaking your diet. It is easy to understand why many people are more partial towards treadmill and aerobic exercises and that sense of accomplishment they instill. Besides, weightlifting is largely a male-dominated exercise. It is easy to get intimidated entering a room full of men lifting weights. I hope this feeling of intimidation would eventually pass.

I’m looking forward to starting this diet. Stay tuned as I will try my best to give you regular updates on my progress.

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