Using search engine gateway smarter to locate your data

Today, I want to share with you how I use search engine gateway to discover info. For those of you who know the term search engine gateway for the first time, I strongly advise you to read the write-up What is search engine gateway? I wrote prior to and go to Navinos site to see how it performs.

Place it in straightforward, by adding a brief search name, which represents a single site, before the search search phrases, I can search hundreds of search engines with just one particular search box. Search engine gateway gets the search name details and forwards me to the pre-defined search engine. For example, Navino defines b as Googles blog search engine. So if I want to search one thing on Linux, I just use b Linux in my search box and the search gateway would forward me to Googles weblog search engine with the keyword Linux.

Navino has currently defined some search names for most popular search engines. These search engines are assigned with a single-letter search names for simple use. Some of them are Google, Yahoos stock details, Weather.coms weather details, and dictionary.coms dictionary search. Navino also enables you to advocate search names for some web sites, but those search names are essential to be approved for wide public interesting only.

At times, a couple of search engines I want to use are not in Navinos public search name database. For that reason, Navino also enables me to define private search names for individual use only. These search names are not needed to be approved and can be utilized instantly after define.

One much more trick when I use search engine gateway is, I define private search names as a shortcut to my favorite websites. For example, I defined h for When I want to verify my e mail, I just put h in the search box and the gateway will forward me accordingly to the hotmail website.

I hope this article can aid you to use search engine gateway much better and smarter. And I also want to hear from you about your story how to use search engine gateway in the near future. Take pleasure in!

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