Walk In Tubs: Making My Life Easier

I hurt my back playing basketball several years ago. Every few months I have to go into get some therapy done on it in order to keep it aligned and help deal with the pain. The physical therapist suggested that I soak my back in hot water as much as possible cause that will help loosen the muscles. The problem is that I had difficulty lifting my leg and getting into a normal tub because of all the pain I was dealing with. I researched online for Walk In Tubs and found a company that is in the USA which sells hydrotherapy tubs. I was able to contact them for a quote and the customer service I received was excellent. The tub had jets in it which would help massage my back area when I was in the tub. I had it installed and it was the best tub I had ever been in. I use it for daily soaks and it helps keep the back pain away.

Another great thing about the walk in tub is that my kids, who are really picky about everything, and they usually hate taking baths love the tub. We used to have to bribe them to take baths, but now it’s hard to get them out, they love the jets. It makes my life easier in many ways, which is all that matters.

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