Washing your hearing aids.

Hearing aids which easily fit into the ear.

When eliminating your hearing aid before you go to sleep you should carefully wash down with a dry cloth or tissue. It’s also advisable to spend some time checking the the main hearing aid that fits to the ear canal since it is likely that a of ear wax might have happened. will have to remove the wax if here is the case then. When you purchased the hearing aids you must receive a cleaning tool which may be used to get this done which often takes the proper execution of a pick or a brush or a toothbrush could be also used by you.

Hearing aids which fir behind the ear.

As with the above mentioned, the task is similar. Nevertheless, the key huge difference being that the ear mould which fits into the ear which is generally manufactured from Lucite or silicon which is non-electrical and therefore can be washed in mild soapy water. Before washing it is very important to ensure the earpiece is disconnected from the behind the ear part to ensure the part of the hearing aid does not get wet. Dry the ear piece precisely before using and also make certain that the tube is away from water. Please note that the tube may need to be changed after having a period of time usually 3 to 6 months while the freedom may be lost.

Things not to do

1. As this can cause the materials where the aid was created to break up clean the hearing aid with solvents or alcohol. You can buy special cleanup fluids made to clean hearing aids.

2. Dont allow part of the hearing aid get wet. Avoid wearing the aid when showering of washing.

3. Try not to drop the hearing aid, particularly on a tough floor as the hearing aid may be caused by this to break.

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