Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

A decrease in testosterone levels is unpleasant news for any bodybuilder. Not only does this lead to reduced drive but, worse still, low testosterone contributes to the increase in fat deposits on the body, leading to loss of muscle and increase in weight. These are all decidedly undesirable to anyone, especially muscle builders because they will be subjected to stagnation in muscle development, diminishing strength, giving them low-quality weight-training results. However, this does not mean that you have to consider unsafe ways of raising testosterone levels. Here are 4 safe ways to boost testosterone release.

Lose the Extra Weight

Do you realize that estrogen is stored in your body’s fat cells? This means that people who have more body fat also have large amounts of estrogen. The balance between testosterone and estrogen is inversely proportional in that the more estrogen in your body, the less testosterone you’ll have.

Rather than seeking non-natural sources of testosterone, work on losing the excess weight so that you can reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. On the other hand, choosing crash diets in order to drop some pounds is still not a safe way to raise testosterone because your body will feel starved and cease manufacturing testosterone.

Weight Training

Bodybuilders who practice muscle-building workouts that are directed at various muscle groups do more than just build muscle. Squats, dead-lifts, power cleans, military presses and bench presses are some of the safe ways of forcing your body to create more testosterone. This is how to increase testosterone with weights. Then again, if you want to enjoy better testosterone release, try lifting at your maximum. Use weights that are heavy enough so that you can only execute about 3 sets of five reps each with only one minute of rest between sets are recommended for increasing testosterone levels safely. However, exercise care that you do not strain yourself. Give your muscles enough rest (at least 24 hours between workout sessions) to prevent a decline in testosterone that might be as high as 40%.

Consume More Monounsaturated Fat

Even though you might be trying to shed superfluous body fat, make certain that you get at least 30% of the calories you consume from fat. The importance is that your body needs fat to generate testosterone. Try to ensure that there is also monounsaturated fat in your diet. Research shows that weight trainers who follow a diet that incorporates monounsaturated fats are able to produce more testosterone compared with those who don’t. Sources of such fats include canola oil, olive oil, peanut butter and omega-3 fats or sea-food.

Use Natural Supplements to Boost Testosterone

Augment your nutrition plan with testosterone-boosting supplements that involve natural elements. Steer clear of products that contain harmful steroids or chemicals. Such products are bad for your health and will cause problems down the line. Testofuel is a natural bodybuilding supplement that contains 8 essential nutrients, including oyster extract, that will turbo-charge your body’s testosterone production and give you amazing muscle growth in record time, without negative effects. These are potent ways to raise testosterone levels.

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