Curvy Slimming Orange Juice with New Upgrade Pearl Beauty & Slimming Formula


Curvy Slimming Orange Juice

Curvy Slimming Orange Juice

Curvy Slimming Orange Juice

Pearl Beauty & Slimming Formula

Php – 170.00 / Box

Manufactured by: America Life Science Pharmeceuticals Limited

Pure natural fruit and vegetable recipe, it’s kind of natural, healthy and safe weight loss beauty drink!!!!

*Whitening the skin and Slimming at the same time*
*Compliance with GMP standard enterprise*
*HALAL certified*

How does it work?
It is directed towards obese people to lose extra fat, burning excessive body fat, promote and expedite fat metabolism, remove toxins from the body, regulates endocrine system.

Advantage and Feature:

1. Reducing fat while strengthening immunity- reducing fat at the same time taking out a small part of energy, so curvy added kind of vitamins and mineral substances needed by people can enhance body immunity,improve resistance.

2. Compund dietary fiber.

3. 100% Fruit and Vegetable formula- Mexico orange fiber + konjak fiber + soy bean fiber, 100 % fruit and vegetable formula, effect is to restore regular defecation.

4. Detoxification.

Interesting information to read before taking the product:

Using Effect: Improve Gastrointestinal Function.

Appicable to: Constipated & Overweight People

Should not be taken by: Children, Breast feeding moms and Pregnant Women.

Ingredients: Mexico orange, Water soluble pearl powder, Dietary fiber, Fructoligose, Vitamins

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage method: Store in a cool dry place.

1 box has 12 sachets.
Each Sachets is 15grams.
Orange Flavor

How to Use:
Take 1 sachet per day.
Can be taken as cold or hot drink.

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