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Learn How One Guy Uses the Slow Carb Diet to His Own Advantage

I believe that the best aspect of the slow carb diet method is cheat days! My own cheat day lands on each and every Saturday, simply because that’s what works best for me personally. However, this can actually be any day of the week for you, reliant upon precisely how you wish to establish your routine.

So just for fun, let’s conduct a brief review of one my latest cheat day indulgences:

7:00 AM – At first, I start with Athletic Greens, a small number of dried edamame, two hard boiled eggs, as well as almond butter with broccoli (I understand this could sound so strange, but it’s delicious)
8:30 AM – Fresh coffee (with Fructevia and organic vanilla soymilk) and brownies
10:00 AM – 2 Philly Soft Pretzels (Did I state that I love the slow carb diet?)
12:00 PM – Watermelon and also some Ritz crackers
1:30 PM – Ham and cheese hoagie with green pepper & lettuce, barbecue chips, as well as Coke Zero (although fake sugar is horrible, I just can’t help myself)
3:30 PM – A bunch of vanilla Oreo cookies
5:30 PM – KFC fried chicken breast, Arby’s roast beef sandwich, a few french fries, a biscuit, along with iced tea
6:00 PM – Black raspberry ice cream and a cup cake
8:00 PM – An additional Philly Soft Pretzel (they’re best when fresh, so I don’t want them to go to waste)
9:30 PM – Orange Popsicle and three frozen Reese’s peanut butter cups

It’d be frightening to add up the calories on all of this, yet again that’s another great factor of the slow carb diet. Believe it or not, despite the fact that this seems like a lot (and it honestly is), this has become a fairly average cheat day for me.

Thus, you can rest assured that I will not be weighing myself the next day after a cheat. In fact, I generally wait until Tuesday morning to weigh in for the first time after my Saturday cheat. Virtually every 7 days, even after the astonishing cheat days, I am back down to my target weight on Tuesday morning, which is such a fantastic experience.

Here are a couple of crucial notes:

1. Throughout the day, I complete the binge fighting exercises (push ups, air squats, and arm band extensions)
2. I ordinarily take a walk at some point throughout the day. This is nothing overly tough; instead, just a brisk, nice walk.
3. I do my best possible not to consume food until the point that I feel ill, but it still happens occasionally to the best of us.

Is this dieting strategy astonishing to you? Discover precisely how you could enjoy a weekly cheat day too and still lose weight by visiting us right now at Slow Carb Diet.